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Deliverable D, Part 2: Validation Report Wetlands Mitigation Site Suitability Tool


To view the full report as a .pdf, click here.



This document is the fourth of six deliverables in Phase IV of the TARUT Study. It reports the methods used to validate the output of the WMSST, the results of the verification, and the response of the MDOT Environmental Section personnel to the WMSST and the validation results. In particular, it focuses on the evaluation of 20 sites selected by MDOT technical staff for evaluation with the WMSST to see if the tool evaluated them as having the same site suitability that MDOT decided on based on existing field work-focused methods. MTRI and MDOT technical staff worked closely together, and found that the WMSST correctly identified 19 out of the 20 sites as having the same suitability as decided on by MDOT. MDOT’s staff stated that this met their requirements for validation of the tool, and that evaluation forms the basis for this report. The validation of the WMSST results has therefore served as a verification of the methodology and software operations delivered as the Wetland Mitigation Site Suitability GIS Tool.


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