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Deliverable C, Part 2: Wetlands Mitigation Site Identification Desktop GIS Tool Technical and Training Manual


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The Wetland Mitigation Site Suitability Tool (WMSST) provides the ability to identify suitable locations for wetland mitigation sites by integrating data sources that capture the biophysical characteristics of wetland mitigation sites used by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) within various regions of Michigan. Site suitability output results are integrated within a Geographic Information System (GIS) to provide decision support for planning for the location of wetland mitigation sites before extensive field-work is begun.

The tool is comprised of a customization of the industry standard ESRI ArcMap GIS software application, several relevant data sources for analysis and visualization, including two new soil moisture layers developed by MTRI, and the facility to perform complex analysis tasks in an event-driven, easy to use interface.  The tool output is integrated with a GPS unit for interactive assessment within the field.

Each data source in the tool is associated with a predefined weight or suitability ranking. The tool provides the capability to alter the weights for each data source so that users can map suitability according to local priorities, and also supports other data sources for visualization and decision support, such as aerial photography and National Wetlands Inventory maps. Using the weights, the tool generates a wetland mitigation site suitability map using a simple button control for the selected area of interest. The suitability map output will display in the application window after rendering and may be output to the printer using a standard format, analyzed on-screen in the office or field, or saved and retrieved for later analysis. Output results can be compared with existing land-use, parcel data (where available), aerial photography, and other data sources to enable cost-effective planning of field work and other mitigation banking tasks.

This document serves as the technical and training manual for the Wetland Mitigation Site Suitability Tool. It describes the system architecture, installation process, data components, and how to prepare for, conduct, and interpret a site suitability modeling session. 


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