Bering Glacier Monograph now available from GSA!

Bering Glacier Monograph now available from GSA!


The Bering Glacier is the largest (5200 sq km) and longest (190km) glacier in North America. Located in coastal south central Alaska at 60-61 degrees north (latitude) and 141-145 degrees west (longitude), it is bounded in the north by the St. Elias Mountains and in the south by the Gulf of Alaska. In various places, the glacier has a thickness of over 800m.

The Bering Glacier area is exceptionally diverse and valuable from both an ecological and cultural perspective. Unique plants and animals have evolved in this area as a result of the dynamic conditions and rugged terrain found within the Bering Glacier. From a human perspective, the Bering Glacier area is used for recreation, subsistence hunting, and commercial fishing, among other activities.

Bering Glacier Portal

The purpose of this Portal is to serve as a consolidated and centralized source of Bering Glacier information for all stakeholders. Additionally, this Portal is designed to facilitate digital collaboration and information sharing. Individuals and agencies have the ability to securely post data and documents related to the Bering Glacier, thereby enhancing communication and improving research and management efforts.

BLM Bering Glacier Management Team

Mr. Gary Reimer
District Manager, Anchorage District Office
4700 BLM Road
Anchorage, AK, 99507

Ms. Beth Maclean
Glennallen Field Manager

Mr. Dave Doucet
BLM Bering Field Camp Manager
4700 BLM Road
Anchorage, AK, 99507 907-267-1357

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