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Emerging Issues, Species of Interest - Fisheries
Social and Economic Dimensions of North Slope Communities

Emerging Issues

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About this document:

The NSSI was formally authorized in Section 348, Energy Policy Act of 2005 (Public Law 109-58) with eight objectives to ensure the NSSI is conducted through a comprehensive science strategy and implementation plan. Among the eight objectives in the legislation are the need to identify information for inventory, monitoring and research activities, and develop an understanding of such information for agencies, local governments and the public. This document brings about a comprehensive view of NSSI membership and its Science Technical Advisory Panel to address broad subject areas through the identification of management questions and information needs over the next two decades, hence, Emerging Issue Summaries. While this document addresses several subject areas, it is not to supplant individual agency science or management programs. Rather, the document can be used to validate many of the science directions already being addressed by some individual NSSI member agency, help share human and monetary resources to address needs beyond an individual agency capability and help set systematic direction to collectively address science needs into the future. Likewise, it should also not be viewed as a static document, but rather a “living” document as NSSI member agencies and outside organizations address needs within their own programs and share the results, this document can be revised to reflect needs addressed or modified based on the results of gained knowledge.