North Slope Science Initiative
Science Technical Advisory Panel

Included in the North Slope Science Initiative implementing legislation was the establishment of the Science Technical Advisory Panel (STAP) to provide advice on inventory, monitoring and research functions. Membership of the STAP is comprised of 15 scientists and technical experts from diverse professions and interests. Representation on the STAP can be from academic institutions, conservation organizations, wildlife management organizations and industry. Appointments to the STAP are made by the Secretary of the Interior and are valid for three years.

Current members of the STAP include:

Bill Streever, PhD, Chair: wildlife biology and restoration ecology, BP

Robert Suydam, PhD, Co-Chair: marine biology, North Slope Borough

Sue Moore, PhD: marine biology, NOAA, National Marine Mammal Laboratory

Alvin Ott, PhD: habitat biology, Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Gary Kofinas, PhD: social science, University of Alaska Fairbanks

W. Scott Pegau, PhD: oceanography, Oil Spill Recovery Institute

Wendy Loya, PhD: ecology and biogeochemistry, The Wilderness Society

Dan Reed, MS: biometrics, Alaska Department of Fish and Game

John Kelley, PhD: oceanography and environmental monitoring, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Caryn Rea, MS: wildlife biology, ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc.

Robert Shuchman, PhD: high latitude oceanography and remote sensing, Michigan Tech Research Institute

Matthew Sturm, PhD: geophysics and hydrology, U.S. Army, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory

Douglas Kane, PhD: civil engineering, University of Alaska Fairbanks


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