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The Great Lakes Environmental & Molecular Sciences Center
(Executive Summary | 2004 Annual Progress Report | Final Report)

GLEAMS is a unique partnership between Western Michigan University and Michigan Technological University ’s Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI), formerly Altarum Institute/ERIM, bringing together deep domain expertise in the fields of molecular genomics, environmental chemistry and geospatial informatics.

What’s New?


GLEAMS Final Report
February 22, 2008

[3.29 MB]


To view a complete summary of both Great Lakes workshops, click the links below.

State of the Upper Peninsula's Water Quality (link to proceedings and final outcomes of workshop)
Hosted at Michigan Tech University , Houghton , MI
September 19-20, 2007

Using Decision Support Tools to Communicate Risk: Fish Consumption Advisories in the Great Lakes
Hosted at Northwestern Michigan College, Traverse City , MI
October 2-3, 2007

Click here to link to workshop summary.



The GLEAMS Portal (detailed description)

This web portal is designed to serve as a “one-stop-shop” for data and information on the Great Lakes . The content is organized the broad, but interconnected categories described below:

Science – explains ongoing GLEAMS research initiatives related to Genomics & Toxicology, Environmental Chemistry, Remote Sensing and more

Modeling & Decision Support – includes a description of the environmental model integration efforts and an overview of a dynamic decision support system that is in development

GIS Data and Maps – provides portal users with access to the GLEAMS GIS database through interactive maps and an interface to the dynamic decision support system that is being developed

Outreach & Education – offers background information, conceptual explanations, tutorials, etc. that largely focus on the Kalamazoo River superfund site

Great Lakes Information – provides users with a consolidated resource for information on the Great Lakes (i.e., background, real-time data, recreation, etc.)


Significant Contributors:

Chuck Ide, Jay Means, Robert Shuchman, Sean Savage, Kevin Kahmark, Marla Fisher, Chris Roussi, Tyler Erickson, Michelle Wienert, Robert Edson, Guy Meadows, Lorelle Meadows, Chuck Hatt, Milos Petrovic, Luz Silverio, Colin Brooks, Liza Liversedge, Eric Keefauver, Jenna Melwiki, Ben Koziol

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